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Canto 2: Immortals I

I suddenly saw that directly to the North, over Onkoul’s Tunguska road, the sky split in two & fire appeared high and wide over the forest. After that such noise came, as if rocks were falling or cannons were firing, the earth shook, & when the sky opened up, hot wind raced between the houses, like from cannons, which left traces in the ground like pathways



Across the wormy gyres of ceaseless time,
By Dogstar’s sister, wee Sirius B,
A soldier’s table spreads with ancyent rhyme,
Those sacred fables of the Sah-Pu-Qi;
Epic, yet terse,
Legends of ancyent past,
Of how a Universe was born for us at last!

He read how Genesis & crew
Flew far in Star-Vimana,
How Mugulu & Mukulu,
Seriel & Semyaza,
Would populate a world so blue,
Naming it Zahara;
Dream trance disturb’d by Gen’ral Balthazeer,
“Captain, a chance to further your career.

The Usgoth dance a dastard jig,
Hot words of harsh war made!”
Donning a wig, mounting Tepig,
Rode Balrog to parade;
O gallant host, drumrolls & roars, rais’d rows of plasma-blade!




Follow faint traces of light & lazar
Along great lanes of space innum’rable,
To twinsewn systems of a distant star,
In mortal combat lock’d incurable;
As Usgoth hordes
Embattle Dadghabbi,
Wide wave electric swords in awesome chivalry.

Upon the fringes of the fray
Our graceful leuitenant rides,
His strong & stately steed of grey
By the jet-black vortex strides,
Tepig splits skies with startling neigh,
Assaulted on all sides,
Balrog hauls reigns & gallops into space –
Trailing green vapours three Gaargants gave chase.

Upon a tapestry of stars
Hooves of quartz-crystal pound,
The Usgoth Gaars, all fangs & scars,
Gain steadily in ground,
Tripping the light fantastic at the searing speed of sound.



The Chase Ends

Just a wee spot on the dimple of time,
A billion galaxies around us,
& them a wee spot, mere provincial clime,
The Universe spreads always prepond’rous;
Flesh life, star light
Swarm over airy rocks,
Some mastering space-flight, some shepherds & their flocks.

Amid amazing Milky Way
Balrog faced his pursuers,
As tho’ a Roman in the day
Of Tullus Hostillius –
When triplet sets made fierce affray
For their populaces –
When like some last unwounded Roman son,
Our Knight faced three ‘Quirini,’ one-by-one.

Combat is join’d, a flash of blades,
Two toss’d into the void,
Last Usgoth fades, in Balrog wades,
Some speeding asteroid,
To slay his foe, Tepig alas by Usgoth spear annoy’d.



The Approach

On the flaming hoof rode the vorpal steed,
Out of the sapphire regions between stars,
Past Sol’s slumb’rous giants scything at speed,
Yon the rocky ring & roseate Mars;
Full into view
Appear’d a peopl’d world,
A pearl of green & blue where whisp-white cloud-swirls curl’d.

Wings shredded so they could not steer,
Talon-slash trailing crimson,
All thro’ the scorching stratosphere
Plunges Vampyre Stallion,
No wince, no flinch, nor cry of fear,
Then, at the collision,
Marsh forests fly & land in piny piles,
The shatter’d tundra of a hundred miles.

All thro’ primeval Tunguska
Would devastation flood,
At the crater’s smoking centre
No beast of Eden stood;
Hail Alien! Bulbous, Bewing’d, Fangs thirsting Manling blood.



The Sorceress

Long-Horn leads his sick steed thro’ Tulgey wood,
On ev’ry side bewitching whispering,
A phantom cry to curdle human blood,
A fence of ghoulish eyes ever-learing;
Tooth gate gnarl-grown,
Fang’d entrance to her lair,
O gaunt, dishevell’d crone! O jaundic’d, hellsent stare!

He steps thro’ arms aframe a door,
Enters gloom as black as tar,
“I have not seen thy like before!”
“I am from another star…”
“Welcome… sup flesh… this putrid sore…”
Cackles Baba Yaga,
Passing her guest a leg of leprosie –
He drank & thank’d for help, her only fee

A draught of blood, he slit his wrist,
Her beastly thirst to slake,
Mad mystic tryst! At witch-door hiss’d
Gigantic scarlet snake,
“This is sharp maw’d Zmei Gorynich, ye to the Beast shall take…”


The Bargain

In the Necropolis’ most deepest tomb,
Far from the prying eyes of Seraphim,
Balrog swept down the shit-clad catacomb
Unto the Anti-Heaven’s inner rim;
Wide halls of bone,
Waulcaters amplified,
Unto the Serpent Throne beat leather-sails a-glide.

O suave, majestic demagogue
I humbly stand before thee,
The cosmos knows me as Balrog,
Lieutenant of Dadghabbi,
In these claws see I clutch a cog,
Heights of Technology –
With it you could defeat thine ancyent foes…”
Chrome circlet with deep sparkling azure glows.

What is the price? ” “A war!” “Indeed,
I can arrange the course –
But why?” “My steed may only feed
Upon a certain sauce…”
Low whinnies of encouragement wept from his wounded horse.



Rousing the Aesir

Loki canter’d the clammy trachts of Hell,
Strange presences witnessing wyrd meeting,
At first it seem’d their talk was flowing well,
But demons grant comforts only fleeting;
Sets his sharp scythe aspin…
Leaving a grubby stub, donning the bloody skin.

‘Loki’ rose to halls of glory,
Acknowledging each table
Serv’d by a busty Valkyrie
With meat & mead & fable,
Then entering a fine city
Carv’d from marv’lous marble,
His mission hidden by a face of stone,
Kneeling before, beneath auld Odin’s throne.

“Hullo!” chimes Frigg, “Why cometh here!”
“Satanus calls for War!”
A goblet cheer, all the Aesir
Applauded from the floor,
A vogue & gory battle cry to rouse the rage ofThor.



The Indifference of Jove

Saint Peter hoodah’d cross the skiey plains
Upon a silver, tuskless Elephant,
His seraph-captain rhythmic with the reigns;
Resplendent with immortal Amorant
All sides lustred
Roses celestial,
Chasm-clinging cluster’d oer clear terrestrial.

He rode thro’ Paradise Mountains
To a voice more like a dream,
Echoing amidst the fountains
Where the holy rivers stream,
“Since I offer’d Man redemptions,
Souls would I once redeem,
He errs more than the sinful sons of Eve,
If men rejoice in killing why then grieve?”

“There are dark troubles brewing sire,
Satanus plots a war,
With daemons dire & dragons fire,
The Aesir to the fore,”
“Silence,” urged Jove, “we let them be, ‘tis just another war.”




The goddess KARMA flew to Fairyland,
Convers’d with Mab, queen of the Pixie Glen;
As round them lovely daffadillies fann’d,
Far from the prying eyes of Gods & Men,
Sipping mull’d brews,
Flavour’d with wildflowers,
Sharing their recent news, minutes turn to hours.

As woodnymph with translucent wings
Burnish’d words with berry cakes,
Sighs Mab, “these new Gods & their Kings
Seldom learn from late mistakes,
Discontented with what Fate brings,
Each lusts more while he takes –
In that I trust not Satanus, nor Mars,
Lords of land’s cancers & the sea’s catarrhs.

In these futurities foreseen
Your days will grow busy?”
Not quite, my queen, I choose one scene
So very carefully –
Two families shall represent all of Humanity.”



Canto 12: Immortals II


As far as a man can peer thro’ the mist,
Sitting on watch, looking over a wine dark sea,
So long is the stride of the god’s thundering horses


Heroic Counsel

High upon the snow-clad slopes of Snowdon
Britannia gathers in her family,
Pacing by her husband, Gwydion,
Waits she to greet Neptune’s emissary;
Green Merman comes,
Darp’d in coral sharkskin,
The sounds of horns & drums… the meeting may begin.

Drowst Phoebus the scene illumes
As serious parlance cooks,
Zephyrs ruffle Ra’s ostrich plumes,
Her majesty nears the crux,
“Sense I this harbinger of dooms,
Some cancer fills the flux,
The testing time forespoken drawth near!”
Shouts St£rling, “Come the day, who shall fight here.”

The loyal company & true
Cries ready for the War,
Violet Vishnu skims skiey blue,
Ra sails for dusty shore
Neptune accomodates Dagon, the Lion roars it roar!




Four riders climb thro’ the bowels of DIS,
Steeds fording the flammable Phlegethon
& the dark, brown, dismal Stygian piss,
To cross the waters of the Acheron;
Past Cerberus,
Three-headed, howling hound,
Over Lake Avernus, they stand on Midgard’s ground.

The air soon thick with snort & steam,
Oer the Red, White, Black & Pale,
The Moon took on a crimson gleam,
Bouncing on a fearsome gale,
Around the hoof what horrors stream
Pungent in noxious veil,
A thousand Civiallos & their sneer
Releas’d on Earth to furnish curse & fear.

Mars lifts his blade, strike splits the ground,
Lungs bellow martial roar,
Lor’lein sound startling the hounds
Pacing the Paynim shore,
Whom approach him & approaching yield the first sign of War.



Divine War

At first it seems a cloud of far distance,
Choking the icy wastes of Cocytus,
The standards of the King of Hell advance,
Behold! the Grand Armee of Satanus;
Waving rough sword
In motions of his might,
Behind, a Daemon-horde, above, a Dragonsflight.

Odin’s counsel with proud limbs went
From the stallion Sleipnir
To his son & heir-lieutenant,
Swinging his hammer Mjolnir,
Toward the trembling Occident
Points Gungnir, the great spear,
Sol tentatively rising from the East,
Grew too afraid to light the royal feast.

On clinquant rays three saints descend,
George, Michael & Denys,
Jove’s holy blend, merged to defend
Faith’s physicality,
Blades sharpen’d for the battle, feather’d backs against the sea.



Death of Venus

‘Loki’ steer’d his steed in full freedom’s flight,
Oer Europa’s thickest forest thick ranges,
Landed upon the mountain of delight,
Lone grey, loon priest ranting of its dangers;
His limbs muscle
Their way thro’ that dark cave,
Down the long, moist tunnel on marmoreal wave.

To view a phantasie palace
Crowning vales of cupid’s art,
The temptres scent of loveliness
Legs slenderly held apart,
O! the vision of her cestus,
Temple’s resplendent heart-
What man could fight allurements of her charms?
What god could fight her soft, “Come to my arms!”

Plunged was a poison-tipp’d dagger
Thro’ Venus’ heaving breast,
By grey river the murderer
Lay her fair corpse arest
Hair willowing thro’ water, one breaks free from all the rest…



A Savage Affray

A Cockrelle leapt across the grassy plain,
Assisting fellows tussling with Odin,
Together Tyr & Toutatis lay slain
& all the world was echoing the din;
See… Saint Denys
Transform’d into a Hart,
Chased by great Beast-Boars three, hoof-pounding as they dart.

Now… to the scene of desp’rate fight
Enveloping Saint Michael,
Some foulish serpents poison bite,
The beautiful bladesman fell,
Down to the morass in full flight
Saint George would dive pell-mell;
Disappear’d into flailing tooth & claw,
Then burst up with his kinsman, soak’d in gore.

All in the midst of thick melee
The rampant Lion fought,
Driven slowly toward the sea,
,lbion’s precious moat,
Deep gouges in its surly loins, wylde Harpies at it’s throat.




Wide-eyed inside a nightmare’s aftershock,
The great God of War wakens in the rains,
Arms entermeddl’d, tied to craggy rock,
In desp’rate rage instraining at the chains;
“Why hold me here?”
Shouts echo cross the seas,
No rescuers appear, now dropping to his knees,

He fills the cosmos with despair,
From dawn til the drop of night,
At last the Dark Lord made aware
Of the War God’s awful plight,
So sends three harpies thro’ the air,
Craw-throated feral flight,
From whose sharp claws they drop a golden key,
What mass of slime now rises from the sea?

The key grabb’d by a tentacle,
Lord Mars has been releas’d,
Who stands grateful, & brands his skull
With numbers of the beast,
Him ready to do battle, Hell’s hegemony increas’d.



Halting Hell

Satanus tried to set the sea on fire
& boil the flesh of Neptune from the bones,
Alas Saint George’s blade, Jove’s first flyer,
Whips safely off the flames with brisk cyclones;
Yet felt a bite,
Pure ichor gushing free,
He fought the Dragonsflight with terrible fury.

In raging snick-a-snack attack
Deus dripping from bright eyes,
Three dragon skulls split with a crack,
To the final beast he flies,
Slicing its wings from bony back,
One heart thrust & it dies,
This day of evil darkness pacified,
Groans of dismay erupting from shore-side.

Dreadful Babababashurath,
The dauphin Lizard king,
Bred wrack’d with wrath, son of ‘Gorath,
Black bone where once was wing,
Sank deep with the dragonicide, its limp tail following.



Love’s Hope

A river courses thro’ Europa’s plain,
Carrying the golden strand of Venus,
On whose fibres rests a precious bloodstain,
Purveying very best of essences;
Wild water roars
To where Thetis makes play,
our hair enchanted pours into a crescent bay.

A Merman scouts the outer seas,
Espies a willowing thread,
Escorts it thro’ the coral trees
To where old Dagon rested,
Who now plants it on snoring wheeze
Of Neptune bare chested,
Locking the lock in lucid, airy dome,
Which blows it spinning thro’ the underfoam.

Hairs land inside an oyster shell,
Jaws quiver as they close,
Ambrosial mother of pearl,
As soft as spring time snows,
Hushing real magic as the lock into a wylde rose grows



Stand of Pyerun

As weather gleams golden & glorious,
Ever eastward, bespoiling countryside,
Steam the banded legions of Satanus,
Half-a-league in the van four horseman ride;
Hooves grind to halt
Before a vast prospect,
Lit by a thunderbolt, by enemy bespeck’d.

The hordes of Hades charg’d & fought,
A spirit army scatter’d,
As Pyerun conjures fireflaught
So many helms are shatter’d,
As armours caught a fireslaught
Down they gorgesides clatter’d…
Attackers halted as on either side
Stormcraft repels the Stygianic tide?

Great daemons yet surround Pyerun
To deal the killer blow,
Stepping upon a field frozen,
The lake seems solid snow…
‘Til Ice-King’s yell cracks ice; Hell’s shriekings drowning dragg’d below.


Canto 22: Immortals III

Perhaps when distant people on other planets pick up some wavelength of ours all they hear is a continuous scream
Iris Murdoch


Evil Empire

Midgard play’d host to the Leviathan,
The land Hydra Demagorgons held,
From ocean trench surfaces the Kraken,
It’s tentacles have crept forth unrepell’d;
To stand apart,
Sucking fair islands dry
Of harvest, hope & heart, while watchful Wyvrns fly.

Satanus call’d a grand counsel
Discussioning the growing war,
Along the high roads into Hell
Rode the company of Thor,
Announced by the doom peeling bell,
Led thro th’ivory door,
Presented ‘fore the princely throne of bone,
Beast bids, “Th’Aesir shall fight Pyerun alone.”

“We will be strong Lord Lucifer
& compensate thy flanks…”
Lone warrior in black armour
Strode clanking thro’ the ranks,
“My name is Barbarossa, for this battle offer thanks.”



Warring Gods

Mars dons a breastplate of bronze bright gleaming,
Sharpens his broadsword, polishes his shield,
Lowers his helm, velvet sunburst teeming,
He sets out marching to the battlefield;
A trompet blast
Summons his snarling hounds,
The flock to his feet fast with long, muscular bounds.

Ra whispers ancyent sorcery,
Tis the sacred call to arm,
Round a rare & regal valley
Lilts the chorus of that charm –
Ragged mummies march steadfastly
Below this locust swarm –
As thro’ their ranks strides a Scorpion King,
Those howling hounds reduced to whimpering.

Battle ensues! tooth, axe & claw
Thro’ mummy-mass Mars wades,
Tears rags & gore, but still they roar,
Apep slain by Ra’s blades –
Mars flees by flying chariot as day’s dread battle fades.



Season in Hell

Balrog, chief cause & culprit of these rhymes,
Tours the seven circles of Satanus,
Meph’ found him with the broken-hearted crimes,
“Our lord bids thee return to Cocytus!”
With hugeous urge
Of his wing gigantic,
Hades sways to the surge rippling forth concentric.

Roaming over dismember’d souls
Astrew the fiery cavern,
Yon Caina, Judeccan falls,
Lands by the Anti-Heaven,
Striding along skeletal halls
Toward the cloven one –
The pair well met, aft converse serpentine
They saunter thro’ dungeons incarnadine,

Where imps collect the crimson goo,
Long in labours wheeling,
When these first few drops from the Jew
Wepeps down from the ceiling,
Ghouls sing Carmen Cruenta to the crude Doom Bell’s peeling.



The Vanity of Jove

Thro’ realms empyrean flew Gabriel,
Jove lay luxuriant ‘neath floscule fan,
Unint’rested as minions of Hell
Spread suffering & helplessness thro’ man;
“Your majesty,”
Th’archangel duly bow’d,
“I have a dream for thee,” & conjured up a cloud…

Tis one shared by those lunatics,
Idolators of Hitler…”
Across quintessence picture flicks
Of some darken’d chiasa,
“Where there should be a crucifix
There hangs the swastika…”
For Gabriel, it seem’d, eternity
Pass’d pleading to his master’s vanity.

At last was heard that sovran voice
Run thro’ rushing waters,
“Cast is my choice, send the envoys
To the Saintly Quarters,
We are to war, send for the steeds, summon my Sky Daughters!”



Defeating Valhalla

The brave Aesir, in battlegear assembl’d,
Launch’d on the backs of swans Siberian,
Form soaring rainbow streaks, so resembl’d
A swarm of meteors kasabian;
Wave after wave
Of dead Asgard’s heroes
Rush to a second grave where Pyerun’s sylph-suit glows.

From Heaven, Saint Volodomyr
Flew down with angelic guard,
FEAR floated thro’ the rude Aesir;
Men’s panicking minds fresh marr’d
By Barbarossa’s disappear,
Down the road to Asgard –
Protected by Satanic riders four,
The battle left to all who fought with Thor.

The twisting saint sweeps down & spurns
Thor’s sky-twisting weapon –
Mjolnir returns, but handle burns,
Dropp’d like relay baton
Arms-naked Thor’s heart pierced by blades deepest plunged by Pyerun.



Gryphon Dawn

Uncle Sam harbours at the Half-Moon Bay
With war engines & eagles for the flight,
Gwyddion leads them on their lofty way
Amidst the mountains clad in snowflake white;
Most splendid banqueteer,
Has spread a grand dinner as battle draweth near.

While thunder-clouds rumble & pour,
St£rling & Buck$ recanting,
Employ an age-old astral lore,
Middle of a magic ring,
Where lions give a mighty roar,
& eagles beat their wing,
Sharp lightning struck those stone grey druid rods,
Great gasps of wonder rush’d throughout the gods…

Before them stood the great Gryphon,
Wing sleek, majestic maned,
O prime weapon, the stallion,
Auld oracles ordain’d,
Lit by an irridescent gleam, the divine blessing gained.



Holy Waters

Uncle Sam sat enthroned with Liberty
Upon the voyage East to Albion,
Entertain’d elegantly pleasantly
By his royal emissary, Dagon;
Relaxed, despite
The stern vein of that day,
How soon the deadly fight, how soon the frightul fray?

Little did those deities know
That out of the stagnant Styx,
A fleet of foul Sea-Devils flow,
So vicious in vilesome mix,
The brave Mermen could only slow
The foe with eye-glow fixt
Upon a shimmering, sun-brush’d surface,
Up to that barge they roar in dorkish race!

Neptune appears & checks progress
With trident, crown & shield,
Grim devils press their gruesomeness,
But Gods will rarely yield,
Soon corpses float about him in a liquid battlefield.



Stone to Dust

Mars mumbles homewards to Olympus Mount,
Wounds attended by prancing succubi,
From magic flute the notes of loving fount,
Receives sweet-musty Venus with a sigh;
Softly seduced
She guides him from the war,
With one kiss were reduced Bellona & Ishtar.

Odin withdrew to Valhalla,
Multitudinous the throng,
Brought the Aesir all together,
Speaking truths with wounded tongue,
“From both East & West comes terror,
Our time will not be long,
Step before me captains of each legion
That march’d not east to subjugate Pyerun!”

He turn’d unto that troop of horse,
The pale, white, black & red,
Take thee swift course to fetch a force
That stands in the good stead
Of our friend Lord Satanus…” hard hooves to their Master sped.



For Liberty

Between the mists that cloak immortal spheres
& realms of aether soak’d illuminous,
The twinkling of a candelabrum nears,
Behold, the city ever glorious!
O’erall sate Jove
In regal diety,
While singing angels wove gimcrack’d marqueterie.

The highest hordes of Heaven glow,
Pure & perfect was the path
To the foot-hills of Vesuvo,
To Babababagorath;
Seven heads leave off Averno,
Seven tongues spit serpent-wrath,
At Seraphim, whose bows of golden fires
Loose arrows – thro’ Hells gates the Beast retires.

Towards the long, horn’d, thick-scal’d tale
Gabriel took keen aim,
A whoosh, a wail, a gushing flail,
The Dragon maim’d & lame…
Angels smear’d in its dragonsblood, then stepp’d into the flame.


Canto 32: Immortals IV

A brighter morn awaits the human day,
War with its million horrors, & fierce hell
Shall live but in the memory of Time,
Who, like a penitent libertine, shall start,
Look back & shudder at his younger years
Percy Bysshe Shelley


Dragonsflight bares the brunt of the Gryphon,
Below their fight, embattl’d in the surf,
Celtic braves war for noble Gwyddion,
All glory-worthy roaring to the turf;
Sam’s martial star
Emblazon’d on his tank,
Puffing a fat cigar for how Hell’s legions stank.

 Gunshafts shell-after-shell did throw
To invert & invalid,
Sam drove his tanks into a foe
Of flesh-hood foul & acrid,
Be-elzebub survey’d the show
All worried & well hid,
A message from his master brings relief,
“Return to Hell…” joyous, in disbelief,

Sam smiled as his enemy flees,
View sweetening the veins,
Archangel breeze Saint Denys frees
From her barbaric chains,
“Pyerun awaits our armies, come we march to Asgard’s plains.”



Assault of Hell

Some say the descent to Hell is easy,
But not if harken’d from divinest spheres,
Fine-linen’d Jove drove his wool-white army,
Steps heralded by stythneaf trumpeteers;
Cerberus chain’d,
Crossing the Acheron,
A horde of angels drain’d the cess-pool Stygian!

The Nether Regions’ cack & piss
Bore Babababagorath,
Pleiades sever’d with a hiss,
Skulls & carcass clear’d from path,
The Daemon hordes defending Dis
Suffer’d the Holy Wrath,
Unleash’d by the Ark of the Covenant,
On to the Phlegethon those pure souls went.

Balrog detects Satanus face
Is laced with ancyent fear,
Desperate race, at fearsome pace
The Hosts of Heaven near!”
Claw raises gourd… “But my side of the bargain hold I here.”



Twilight of the Gods

How gruesome is the Gotterdammerung,
Fought in the name of gracious Liberty,
Odin weeps for his heroes, dead so young,
& dabbing tears, flyting, turns to Loki;
“Wherefore art the
Armies of Hell?” a smile –
The enfant terrible turns back into Belial.

As flew away that treach’rous cur
In a cachinnating cloud,
Rose the call for his surrender,
Odin barks refusals proud,
Fanfaronading Valhalla,
Moon dons a blood-red shroud,
Whence from the skies rain stars & satellite,
The dense one slain & with him drains the fight.

As Michael, George, Zorya, Pyerun,
Ice King, Volodomyr,
Sam, Gwyddion & proud Gryphon,
Took leave of the Aesir,
Whose land & lives behind a rising ocean disappear.



Satanus’ Last Stand

By Geryons flank’d, & vile Barbariccas,
Blade of unholy fire in talon’d hand,
Midst Malebolge’s rolling bolgias
Satanus, with his firm, shall make their stand;
Tho’ forces thinn’d,
They Seraphim first foil,
With swift, sulphuric wind malignant & aboil.

Saint Michael at the Dragon flies
& chains the grand betrayer,
Jove flings starlight from divine eyes
At Mars, whom, in terror,
Drops to knees, flops, groans & sighs,
Always & forever,
His martial age seems over with the guts
Worm-oozing from a thousand bleeding cuts.

The Devil swivels in his seat,
Hits Balrog with a smile,
Odin’s defeat total, complete
Death, treachery & guile,
& honour has been satisfied… Balrog, the promis’d file?”



Judgement of Jupiter

Jove reach’d the ruins of a city lost
Long times ago, when Mars was in his prime,
Calling for Jupiter his echoes toss’d
That name thro’ temples in a mono-rhyme;
Some ghostly shade
By faith namore sustain’d,
Slouch’d humbl’d & afraid, by ev’ry breath bepain’d.

“Old god,” spoke Jove, “Look in these eyes,
Tho’ your body crippl’d, weak,
Your mind still prospers very wise,
I’ve travel’d to hear ye speak,
Of better lives we phantasize,
Of finer age we seek,”
The old god thought awhile, & then did say,
“Bring Mars to trial, then fling him leagues away.”

Wise words,” mused Jove, “My thanks, old friend,”
The great God out-thrust palm,
That did suspend, Rome’s best legend
Hard-grabs instead his arm,
& squeez’d it tight, “Put him some place he’ll never do us harm!”



Balrog’s Legacy

Long-horn hastily mounts his vampyre steed
Replenish’d of it’s stock of scarlet fuel,
Satanus, I shall help you as agreed,”
& gave his friend that crackling, azure jewel;
Then giddiyupp’d
Beyond the halls of Hell,
To violently erupt by Midgard’s cloudy swell,

Then shooting thro’ the stratosphere,
Summer twinkling with all stars,
Satanus watch’d them disappear,
Slouch’d ‘hind adamantine bars,
Stroking his technologic gear,
Aid for his future wars,
Puah’d diamonds in its sockets for to glean
Secrets mysterious filling the screen.

Grey Tepig passes Jupiter
Uranus & Pluto,
Her warrior, her passenger,
Hauls reigns… as she did slow
Balrog back-glances on a dancing planet’s blue-green glow!



Heavenly Judgement

Jove greets the Gods, campus-stella seated,
On deathless islands spinning round his own,
Mars stood there, dejected & defeated,
Tied to white rocks in front of Heaven’s throne;
The trial begins,
The Prosecution starts,
Listing a bunch of sins & crunching juror’s hearts.

But need we him,” springs Liberty,
When tyranny uprising,”
“Surely not,” sings Saraswathi,
“Warfare aids each tyrant king,”
“Let him keep his divinity,”
Offer Buck$ & St£rling,
“I disagree,” groans greying Gwyddion,
“Hough! Look at what his presence here hath done!”

After the Gods had rais’d their voice
A show of hands was sought,
Angels rejoice! O happy choice!
“Guilty!” proclaims the court,
As, gurgling on congealing blood, “NOOooooo!!….” roars from War’s raw throat.



War’s Futility

We are all planets to a greater star,
These stars subservant to a further force,
Balrog, at last, returns to his own war,
Dadghab-at-arms tethers his feather’d horse;
Shock & relief
Swept thro’ his regiment,
Whose chieftans shall debrief this errant lieutenant.

Says Balrog, “I have seen a sphere
Not worth our recognition…”
“Then come,” says Gen’ral Balthazeer,
There is a vital mission,
The armies of the Usgoth near
Marching in precision,
We press on ye the need to make attack,
To win the day & fling these rascals back!”

Our mighty Balrog join’d a horde
Of dashing cavalry,
With plasma-sword, with purpose, pour’d
Into an enemy,
To be soon slain… from war’s cruel pain tragedy comes only.




With Jove’s Archangels hovering above,
Mars was allow’d to kiss his last goodbyes,
Thro’ bloodshot sockets Venus beams her love,
As he was led beyond her, thro’ the skies,
Deep into space,
Yon Universe frontiers,
T’where sable pits replace those supermassive spheres;

They found an ancyent galaxy
Where supernovae flashes
Implode in awesome density,
Turn diamonds into ashes,
Mars cast into chain-gravity;
“Tho’ yells he, & thrashes,
Incapable, eternal, of escape,
Namore that little planet shall he rape,”

Puffs Mab, sipping a herbal mead,
Drawn with scented flowers,
KARMA agreed, a quaint, “Indeed,”
An Age Aquarius,
Drifts thro’ the harbour of Our Times, a bay most beauteous.